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What are Forms W-9 and W-8BEN-E?

UK companies doing business in the US – either directly or indirectly – may be asked by a client or customer to provide a completed W-9 or W-8BEN-E. What are these and why do they need to be completed? A W-9 is a form completed by US citizens or US

What do I put on my US invoice?

Our UK clients are accustomed to following specific legal requirements with respect to the invoices they issue to their customers. Thus, they are often surprised that, except for certain requirements relating to sales tax, what you put on an invoice in the US is largely dictated by custom rather than

Registered Offices in the US and UK

Many of our clients assume that a US registered office functions just like a registered office in the UK. However, a US registered office serves a much more limited role in the US than in it does in the UK. Almost all US states require a company doing business in

UK Exporter’s Introduction to US Taxes

UK companies selling goods to US customers often assume that no US tax obligations will result from their activities. Sometimes the assumption is correct; more often it is not. Here are the main US tax obligations of which UK exporters must be aware. Federal Income Tax. If you are selling

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