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UK Exporter’s Introduction to US Taxes

UK companies selling goods to US customers often assume that no US tax obligations will result from their activities. Sometimes the assumption is correct; more often it is not. Here are the main US tax obligations of which UK exporters must be aware. Federal Income Tax. If you are selling

Should you hire US employees through a PEO?

UK companies entering the US market sometimes decide to use a PEO (or “professional employer organization”) to hire their US employees. A PEO acts, along with the UK company, as the co-employer of these employees. Although the employees are under the day-to-day management of the UK company, the PEO administers

Should you do business in the US through an LLC?

UK companies and residents often express interest in doing business in the US through a US LLC. Their interest is often triggered by well intentioned advice offered by legal and tax advisors with little understanding of the complexities of cross-border business ownership or of the issues that arise out of

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