How We Can Help

Bouwen offers all the legal, tax, accounting, and business expertise needed to succeed in the US market, with minimal cost and no long-term commitment. We assist UK companies in the following areas:


  • Advising on the best legal structure for their US market operations
  • Registering US subsidiaries or affiliates of their UK company
  • Advising on, and drafting, certain required agreements between the UK company and its US subsidiary or affiliate (which may include license agreements, distribution agreements, and intercompany services or management agreements)
  • Drafting, negotiating, or reviewing contracts with their US suppliers or vendors
  • Drafting, negotiating, or reviewing contracts between their US entity and its US customers or clients
  • Helping to protect their company’s intellectual property by applying for US registered trademarks or copyrights and by drafting contracts with third-parties to protect confidential information and trade secrets
  • Advising on US import and customs laws
  • Advising on, and preparing, applications for business related non-immigrant US visas
  • Preparing and filing all required annual reports for their US subsidiary or affiliate
  • For clients who wish to establish a physical office in the US, assisting in the negotiation and review of commercial lease agreements
  • For clients who wish to hire US employees, advising on US employment issues, including the hiring or termination of employees and the negotiation and drafting of employment agreements


  • Helping to create the most tax efficient structure for their US operation
  • In cooperation with the client’s UK tax advisor, devising strategies to minimize global tax obligations arising out of the US operation
  • Obtaining all federal (and, if required, state) tax identification numbers
  • For clients with US employees, establishing and managing federal and state payroll withholding accounts (similar to the UK PAYE system)
  • As required, registering for and advising upon state sales taxes
  • Preparing and filing all federal, state, and (if applicable) local tax returns

Finance and Accounting

  • Establishing a US bank account for their US operations
  • Managing all financial transactions for their US operations, including accounts payable and receivable
  • Preparing regular financial reports of their US business operations, including monthly Profit & Loss Statements and Balance Sheets
  • Establishing US merchant services accounts


  • Setting up their US “virtual offices,” including a US phone number
  • Initiating steps required to begin building US business credit
  • Helping to identify, and establish relationships with, US suppliers and providers (e.g., third-party logistics providers or customs brokers)
  • Periodically assisting in the management of relationships with US suppliers, providers, or partners (e.g., sales agents, sales representatives, or distributors)
  • Advising on potential US specific marketing approaches
  • Offering general advice on US insurance cover and risk management