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    Succeed in the US market, with minimum risk.

    Looking to enter and succeed in the US market without the cost or risk associated with traditional market entry models? Bouwen is here to help. We assist UK companies by creating and managing US subsidiaries and affiliates that are supported by independent warehousing, logistics, marketing, and sales support. We provide the business, legal, and tax expertise necessary to succeed in the US market, with minimal cost and no long-term commitment.
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    Services tailored to the needs of UK companies.

    Bouwen's services are specifically tailored to the needs of companies based in the United Kingdom. Because of our experience working with UK companies entering the US market, we have a keen appreciation for the legal, tax, and business factors that UK companies must consider when establishing their US market presence. We leverage this experience to help each new client enter the US market optimally and efficiently.

Navigating through complexity

UK companies entering the US market face a complex legal, tax, and business environment. The laws regulating businesses vary across each of the 50 US states. In addition, the taxation of foreign companies doing business in the US is governed by a complex web of international treaties, federal law, state law, and sometimes local law. Bouwen is designed to help UK enterprises succeed amidst through this complexity, with little risk and no long-term commitment.